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VSBK Technology - Indian experience

Case study of a successful VSBK entrepreneur

Shri Narayan Das Prajapati, a traditional brick maker of Gwalior operated BTK's and large clamps with a capacity to produce upto 8 lakh bricks per month. In 1996, he became interested in VSBK technology through the information gathered from the establishment of VSBK-1 at nearby Datia. To confirm his conviction about the technology, he arranged test firing at the VSBK-1, of green bricks produced in his land.

In 1999, he decided to set up a VSBK in replacement (even physically) of his moving chimney BTK. Initially a kiln with two shafts of 1m x 2m with a capacity to produce 8000-10000 bricks per day was built with technical and managerial support from Development Alternatives. He and his team mastered the techniques of operation of VSBK kiln in a remarkably short time and stabilised the production. Having achieved initial success, he went for expansion of the kiln by two more shafts of the same size by end of 1999.

Now, the entrepreneur seems to have mastered all aspects of brick production process with firing in four shafts of the VSBK. During this period, he tried out innovative ideas of kiln operation such as slow cooling of unloaded bricks through two trolley system, mechanisation of green brick production through extruder operation, bouncing good clay from off site locations etc. He advanced start of brick production by 8-10 weeks ahead of competition, which is possible with VSBK technology. He produced 30 lakhs of bricks in brick season 2000 and has plans for producing 35 lakhs in 2001.

The brick fraternity in Gwalior and surrounding areas, as well as many from outside have visited the kilns and shown appreciation of its performance as well as success of the enterprise, Yade Brick Industry.

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